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Massachusetts to Georgia in 7-10 days, route/site tips or suggestions?
28 марта 2018 08:45
84 сообщения
84 сообщения
28 марта 2018 08:45

hi dear KEVIN,we would like to help u here in GEORGIA,yes,u are right people have dfrt culter over here! so i can advice u to come to this country! here is so nice and pretty i mean specialy about nature,air,clean water,mountains GREAT views u can have unbelieveble picters!!! in this case we can take u whereever u need and if u dont know the places we can show u. we are very friendly so u can be sure in us ! this is our phone number contact us pls +995555 112664 (whatsapp or messenger) waiting for u! dont thing just do it )))

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