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Саша Туменок. Ski, Snowboard instructor
29 марта 2018 11:18
2 сообщения
2 сообщения
29 марта 2018 11:18

Visited Gudauri in begining of March 2018 and we (I and my wife) contacted Sasha for his assistance in snowboarding as it was first time for my wife and second for me.

Sasha is really good at what he does, he knows all the practice tricks beginner needs to do and he can explain and show them properly. All in all, we ended up practicing with Sasha for two hours two days in a row and later did the drills which Sasha gave us and soon enough I uograded my skills and my wife was going properly down the slopes.

So thanks to Sasha again and I can recommend him for anyone who want to kearn snowboarding properly. 


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