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Саша Туменок. Ski, Snowboard instructor
4 января 2019 12:36
1 Сообщение
1 Сообщение
4 января 2019 12:36

I had a great riding experience with Sasha in December 2018. I was a beginner who can ride only on back edge and who needs a special approach because I'm a bit slow in learning sports. Sasha checked what I had at that moment and than explained my mistakes and gave exercises that improve my skills. I was suprised of myself because on the first training I could ride on the front edge and almost make turns! I kept learning with Sasha next two days and after that I confidently rode and made turns. And the most important that I finally started to feel the joy of snowboarding and now I look forward the next trip to do it again. Thank Sasha for his patience, passion of teaching, inspiration that he gives, positive mood and sweets during training :)  I highly recommend Sacha as instructor who will definetely help you to improve your riding and inspire you with this kind of sport. 

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