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Snowboards / ski rent
11 января 01:00
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2 сообщения
11 января 01:00

Hi there!

quote: desperate_snower

Thank you very much for the answers!

Another question, where you, as experts, could help.
Any *best place* where to look for apartments and/or transfer from Tbilisi?

Are there other *local* options of booking apartments? I would rather skip the airbnb/booking service fees if that's possible and trustable.

Hi there, best way for talk taxi driver or use daily tour 30-50 Gel.(maximum 17$) if you will go with tour1 payment for go walk return all in one and it's from city center.
I saw som cheap daily tours near freedom square.. between donut cafe..
The cheapest way to reach Gudauri from Tblisi is from Didube Bus Terminal.  It costs 8 Lari per person. In Didube, ask around for “marshrutka to Gudauri” and you’ll quickly be directed to the right area. There may be several heading that way, there is no fixed schedule, they leave as soon as they are full. They depart from 08:00 to 17:00 . In peak-season the marshrutkas can fill up fast, so give yourself plenty of time for the journey.


Трансферы и Экскурсии
Доставка еды по Гудаури!
Трансферы, аренда авто, экскурсионные туры
100 евро авиа
Отель Дата
Гостиница Гагиэти
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