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Paragliding Adventure: Tips and Recommendations?
30 апреля 15:21
8 Сообщений
8 Сообщений
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Greetings fellow adventurers! My friends and I are gearing up for an epic journey to Azerbaijan and Georgia this August, and we're thrilled to include paragliding as one of the highlights of our trip, a thrilling first-time experience for us all.

As we prepare for our soaring adventure, we're seeking recommendations on the best paragliding companies to partner with and any breathtaking locales we should include on our airborne route. After scouting online, we've narrowed down our options to two prominent companies: Fly Caucasus and Sky Atlantidis. They offer flight durations ranging from 10 to 45 minutes, with prices ranging from 220 GEL (approximately 85 USD) to 500 GEL (approximately 200 USD). For novice flyers like us, what duration would seasoned paragliders recommend for a truly unforgettable experience?

Additionally, we've heard whispers of paragliders offering their services on the streets of Gudauri at enticingly low prices. While the prospect is tempting, we're wary of potential safety concerns. Can these street vendors be trusted, or do they pose safety risks that we should steer clear of?

We deeply appreciate any insights and recommendations you can offer to ensure our paragliding adventure is both thrilling and safe. Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom and expertise!

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