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When season 2015/2016 starts
7 декабря 2015 11:06
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I can not find information when 2015/2016 ski season officially starts? When I can go buy ski pass and enjoy ;) I have plane tickets 2015-12-14 back 2015-12-21, will be open? Or it is open now? Thanks in advance!

7 декабря 2015 11:29
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Season 2015/2016 officially starts on december 13th, this sunday

7 декабря 2015 16:34
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Technically they will open now 12th december, for one day early its going to be free to ski as well! 

13 декабря 2015 15:24
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Season has officially started in Gudauri. Lots of people came to satisfy their snow-cravings. 
If you are there in the next few days make sure to choose Snowpark (beginners), Kudebi (intermediate to advanced) or Sadzele (advanced) pistes as well as lower part of the 1st line. These are in good shape and offer you great conditions.

There are multiple rather large thawed patches all over 2nd line and one unexpected thawed patch on the 1st line.
Weather forecast shows it shall get much better within a week or so. 
Webcams. More photos from us.


lower part of the 1st line

14 декабря 2015 01:32
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siemka ,wybiera sie ktos z Pl na narty do Gudauri ?? Był tam moze juz ktos?? Szukam jakichs info praktycznych z wypadu na free :)

Byłem w tamtym okolicach juz 2 razy,,(Kazbek latem i Elbrus Zimą)ale nigdy na nartach.

Bede wdzieczny z ajakies info odnosnie noclegów cen dojazdu ze sprzetem itd itp.

14 декабря 2015 01:34
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podsyłam swój nr tel jakby ktos miał chwilke i tyknoł (ja moge oddzwonic) i porozmawiał to bede wdzieczny.


14 декабря 2015 09:28
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Gegugegugegu, witaj! Nasz instruktor skontaktuje się dziś popołudniu.

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