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WinterGudauri -ski-snowboard school
11 января 2022 20:14
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WinterGudauri —  ski and snowboard school, all directions of freeride, freestyle and winter activities in Gudauri. Off-piste skiing from ski lifts in the resort to backcountry, ski tour and climbing, paragliding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, tours and much more

 wintergudauri.com info@wintergudauri.com +995 595 051 253


18 февраля 2022 10:06
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I had amazing experience with winterGudauri, only had 2 days, but I learned a lot, now I feel more safe and comfortable on the board :)

Instructor has a unique teaching style that covers all aspects of learning to snowboard or to improve ones technique. Excellent feedback and critique is given at the end of each lesson which reinforces what has been learned. I will not hesitate to book for next year and I am looking forward to it already.

Thanks guys for an excellent course, keep up the good work. You are awesome ! ^^

7 апреля 2022 14:32
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Excellent Instructors. Great patience and great at what they do. Our family went to Gudauri in March/April of this year for spring break with the kids. In order for the family to enjoy the skiing more I wanted them to take ski/snow board lessons as I knew I would not be able to teach them...and they wouldn't listen. I found Winter Gudauri online and booked snowboard lessons for my son (14yoa) and ski lessons for my daughter (11yoa). Alex was the snowboard instructor and Maxx was the ski instructor. They both communicated very well with us several times before our arrival to make sure we knew where to meet and had everything we needed. When we met Alex and Maxx they were both very professional and ready to get going with the kids. They were always on time and ready to go and adjusted to our schedule if we needed. They spent three days of lessons with Alex and Maxx and both of them really enjoyed the lessons. Alex was great. My son loved the lessons and they had great conversations about snow boarding. By the end of the third day my son was doing turns down the mountain and was really excited about snowboarding and coming back next year. Hopefully Alex will be there to continue more lessons. My son would love to do some free riding. Maxx was also very patient with my 11 year old daughter, even when she became very frustrated with her abilities. However, by the end of the third day, she was doing super and flying down the mountain :). She loves skiing now and cant wait to go again next year. We look forward to seeing Alex and Maxx in Gudauri next March. I would highly recommend Alex and Maxx for lessons. Because of their instruction our kids are super excited about the sport. Great job guys.

14 января 09:55
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Rode with Winter Gudauri on many occasions, on groomers, park, backcountry as well as splitboarding… Very effective way of fine tuning some techniques and approaches. I improved number of ground tricks (flat tricks, buttering), as well as mastered new ones under his supervision. We went for a spin in a park and he provided analytics on body positioning and control at all times, that worked like magic. Made it farther, deeper, higher in backcountry and splitboarding with Winter Gudauri. Overall great approach to improving your riding skills and experience including post body rehab resulting in a better performance and body control while doing anything on a snowboard.

22 мая 05:40
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Rode with Winter Gudauri on many occasions, on groomers, park, backcountry as well as splitboarding 


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