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April advenures in Gudauri

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Авто отчета: Conny and Klaus

April at Gudauri ski resort 2012,
by Conny and Klaus

"we have been in Gudauri from 02.04 - 10.04.2012 and it was really a good time. Some days we have been on the slopes but at first we are ski-moutaineerer for our own an so we made a tour to Bidara and another day we went to deda ena. Unfortunately the temperature was developing too high, so moutauíneering was becoming too difficult and going for Kazbegh it wasn´t the right weather. Nevertheless it was a very nice time in Gudauri, friendly people, a very nice hotel - Guduarihut- we can really recommend. And after all we visit fr two days the interesting town tibissi.
Regards, Conny and Klaus"

60-70$ Н.Гудаури
Вид на Горы
60-70$ Н. Гудаури-2
Бассейн в доме. Виды гор.
60-70$ Вид на горы
Н. Гудаури 2 (бассейн)
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1 GEL = 0.36 EUR
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1 GEL = 30.17 RUB
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70 евро авиа
Отель Ретро (14 чел.)
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