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Hotel Gudauri Hut opens 2007-2008 Gudauri ski season

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Авто отчета: Gotama

Opening of 2007-2008 Gudauri ski season,
by "Gudauri Hut" team

On 7 November there was enough snow on the slopes to start skiing. But it wasn't until 10 days later that we managed to get out there and enjoy the untouched powder. The 2 hour ski-touring trip to the top in an unfit state took its toll but was well rewarded with the thought of being the first (or one of the first) to ski Gudauri's slopes this season. The other rewarding thought was that the half-a-metre base this early in the season is going to do wanders for the New Year and the rest of winter. It is promising to be a snow-packed season in Gudauri, a return to the old times from the hick-up of last year when the whole world was gasping for snow.

We understand that the chairlifts will be opened on 15 December (and maybe earlier) this year. And there will be 4 not 3!! The fourth lift is the one which hasn't been used in the last few years. Major upgrade of all four lifts is currently underway (everything is being re-hauled including seats, roller-wheels, engines, operator cabins, electronics, etc). The fifth, BRAND NEW chairlift is also being built but it isn't likely to be completed before the 15 December. The word on the slopes is that it will be ready to run in February (we think next season).

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