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6 Day Georgia Itinerary?
4 ноября 2020 20:47
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4 ноября 2020 20:47 Ответить

I'm going to Georgia and am just looking for some advice on my prospective itinerary.

  • I fly into Kutaisi Saturday early afternoon and am planning on staying there foxenderr 1 night.

  • Sunday I plan on taking a marshrutka to Mestia where I will spend 2 nights.

  • On Tuesday I am thinking about going to Zugdidi to take the night tromegleain to Tbilisi.

  • Arriving to Tbilisi on Wednesday morning I would spend the rest of my time exploring Tbilisi before leaving on Saturday morning. (Also thinking about possibly spending a night in Gudauri to ski in case the skiing in Mestia isn't great)

Does this itinerary look good? Is it worth trying to visit Ushguli at the expensive of one or two extra days in Tbilisi? Is there anything else I should include given the time constraints and what I have already booked (Kutaisi and Mestia)?

Thanks for any advice

13 ноября 2020 20:19
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2486 Сообщений
13 ноября 2020 20:19 Ответить

Good. OK.

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