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Beware buying daily skipas in Gudauri
28 марта 2022 14:27
1 Сообщение
1 Сообщение
28 марта 2022 14:27 Ответить

Just based on our today's for experience : before buying a skippers check that the chair lifts physically work and scares are allowed to get in.


We bought three ski passes today, just to realize that gondola goes back and forth empty. Half hour later it became clear that there is no skiing today due to high winds.

However multiple attempts to return ski passes and get a refund totally failed,  the cashier was not ready to refund anything. We tried to explain that selling is keep us in no ski day is a plane cheating and stealing the money, however .... So in Gudauri before paying for a service first check that the service actually exists. 

Very unpleasant experience of being cheated like this in the last day of perfect ski vacation... 

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