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Group rates
27 декабря 2015 00:43
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Trying to figure out the cost for a group of 30!

I am setting up a ski trip for the high school I teach at. Now, I am interested in prices for the 2016-17 season. OK. I know they are not public yet, so, this years prices would be a good guide.


What we need is

Transfer from/to Kutaisi
Lodging. we do not need anything fancy. A hostel would be perfect, or apartmens.

Cost of meals on the mountain.






27 декабря 2015 09:43
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60 Сообщений
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write the letter in the mail gudauripro@gmail.com

30 декабря 2015 11:40
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thanks for the suggestion

Трансфер, Туры и Экскурсии
Доставка: еда, кальяны
70 евро авиа
Скидки на Проживание
Доставка еды по Гудаури!
Отель Ретро (14 чел.)
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