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Gudauri Dec 10-17
19 октября 2017 00:32
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We are planning our trip for skiing to Gudauri and we are about to buy our plane tickets. Does usually season is already started and all lifts are working? I know it's hard to predict, but I want your opinion.


19 октября 2017 09:44
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Last year the season was opened on December 10 instead of December 17. This happened because of the sudden decision of the resort administration. The reason was the situation with a lot of snow. Perhaps this season will be the same.

19 октября 2017 14:10
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19 октября 2017 14:10 Ответить

It seems that this year it's announced that season starts December 2nd. Is it possible? Also, I've seen on Gudauri facebook page that they already got early snow, earliest in last 5 years. Signs are good, hopefully season starts early this year

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