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6 февраля 2012 12:23
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Hello, everybody,

Hope you are enjoying this crazy and cold winter time, here in Latvia it is cold, so hope that Gudauri is a bit warmer ;)

I am searching for information about Heliboarding in Gudauri, has anybody tried it yet?
Only source that I can find is http://www.heliksir.com/, but it seems that they are organizing group trips for more than 1 day, but I would love to find an info about 1 day Heliboarding, does anybody know smth?

Best regards,
6 февраля 2012 12:25
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as I see they have 1 day trips http://www.heliksir.com/booking/one-day-of-heliski/. Just look their site. That's the only company in Gudauri with helicopters
6 февраля 2012 13:01
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Oh, thanx Astrea, didn't see it yesterday! Will check! ;)
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