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in search of a good body partner
14 января 2011 15:36
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I am Swiss and I am a 32 years old boy. I am in Georgia for the next three months and I love to ski, especially in the deep snow... I know that presently there is not enough snow to enjoy real freeride within the region, but I am thinking ahead for the sessions to come...

I am looking for good skier(s) to do some mountaineering ski and freeride in the region of Gudauri during the week-ends. I have a great experience of ski-mountaineering in the Alps. For safety reasons, I need someone who has avalanche detection material.


25 января 2011 14:50
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Hi Nicolas,

me and a friend of mine want to arrive in georgia in the middle of march for one week FREESKIING!
We havent figured out the exact date and it will be our first time in caucasus, but perhaps we could meet there. we are both quite experienced freerider with avalanche materials and i have experiences in skialpnism.

What do you do in georgia for 3 months?

26 января 2011 14:43
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Hi Dominic,

In fact, I am working in Tbilisi for the International Organisation for Migration. My wish for the next 2 months is to spend my week-ends in the Great Caucasus and ski...Freeride near Gudauri slopes, ski-mountaineering, heli-ski. Finally, end of March, my idea would be to climb-up to the top of Mount Kazbek near Gudauri and enjoy a 3000 meters descent. I look forward to meeting you. my email address is nicolas.velebit@bluemail.ch


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