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Massachusetts to Georgia in 7-10 days, route/site tips or suggestions?
26 марта 2018 12:47
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So, This summer i'll be graduating from college and, after a month of leave, will be moving to Fort Benning, Georgia for the next ~8 months. I've always had dreams of blazing a trail and taking a road trip across the country, so I'm planning on taking maybe 7 to 10 days of my leave/vacation to drive down the East coast, from my home in Massachusetts to Georgia. While I'd like to spend the nights in major cities along the way or with friends from school, I want to avoid the monotony of I-95 and instead take a more scenic and meaningful route between rest stops.I should also mention that I'm a student of Human Geography: studying people and their different cultures is what I hope to do some day for a profession, so I'm hoping to find some great sites or slices of small town life that I can take pictures of or write about. 
Lastly, my plans are flexible, so I can do anything from 7-14 days.

Please help

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26 марта 2018 13:27
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Excuse me, have you confused the US state of Georgia with the country of Georgia in the Caucasus, between Russia and Turkey?)))

27 марта 2018 11:23
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28 марта 2018 08:45
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hi dear KEVIN,we would like to help u here in GEORGIA,yes,u are right people have dfrt culter over here! so i can advice u to come to this country! here is so nice and pretty i mean specialy about nature,air,clean water,mountains GREAT views u can have unbelieveble picters!!! in this case we can take u whereever u need and if u dont know the places we can show u. we are very friendly so u can be sure in us ! this is our phone number contact us pls +995555 112664 (whatsapp or messenger) waiting for u! dont thing just do it )))

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