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29 декабря 2019 15:50
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hi. My son and I took a paragliding trip on the 21st december with Xgudauri. We booked throught the hotel reception. They picked us up at Marcopolo Hotel. Xgudauri charged us 300 lari each (extreme option) when we requested a regular flight. On top of it, the videos of the flights cannot be found. the filter by date is not working. I sent them already 3 emails but they are not responding. Shame on them.

If somebody knows the email for the customer service of the Ministry of Tourism, please let me know.


30 декабря 2019 10:42
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Ask the police.

30 декабря 2019 11:15
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You booked with the hotel reception, ask the hotel reception to contact them again,. Probably noone controls that email, it happens... 300 lari is  not little, but it is not an extraordinary price for paragliding. An alternative could cost 230-250 lari and transfer to the place extra. English-speakers often pay more in Gudauri and Georgia in general :D... ?... like in many other touristic countries. 

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