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Rezo hut - cheap accommodation on chairlifts
21 мая 2009 14:12
3 сообщения
3 сообщения
21 мая 2009 14:12
Hi everybody. We are group of five skiers from Czechia. We visited Georgia and Gudauri this year in 16.4.-26.4. We performed ski ascents to the summits in Gudauri and then ascended Kazbek over the normal route. Gudauri is good for acclimatization because even coming from the plane early in the morning you can be the same day in three thousand meters.

We found other places for accommodation in Gudauri too expensive. The Rezo hut looked scary to us at first. It was however much better inside - warm and clean. Rezo and his wife`s hospitality compensated all drawbacks.

Rezo met us at three hours in the morning at the airport. We made agreement only over the phone and he had no garanty we would really come. He took us to Gudauri, then to Kazbegi and provided transportation to our other ski trips. He was always reliable.

He started to use internet more often recently, I believe almost every day - rezo-gudauri@mail.ru. His hut is not listed under hotels in the english version of this site. It is "Хижина" Резо in Russian.

We sent messages and photos from our trip on-line to http://five.ontheroad.to/kavkaz
The principal text and pictures will be on http://vinduska.hyperlink.cz/2009-04-16_Kavkaz/cz/index.htm

Vladimir (you can write on vladimir.vinduska at email.cz)
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