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Gudauri 2014
22 января 2014 15:51
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I want to go snowboarding next week, but unfortunately, there is not enough information about snow qullity and everything else. As well where do I rent clothes for snowboarding?


22 января 2014 17:21
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5 Сообщений
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There are a lot of information about snow ) You can check the link: http://www.gudauri.ru/forum/topic/o_snege_v_gudauri/?page=154#last

I'm going to Gudauri in February and read this forum a lot) That is why I make a conclusion for myself that there are not enough snow for good freeriding but if you want to ride on the skiing track you may visit this place :)

P.S. sorry for my English)

22 января 2014 18:42
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22 января 2014 18:42 Ответить

Thanks for you reply. Well my russian is not that good... :/ I have been staying in Georgia for a while and have one more week here, and I really want to go snowboarding, so I cant wait. 

What about clothes? Is it possible to rent them somewhere? :)

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