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PHOTO- 2007 Competition
9 декабря 2007 19:33
2378 Сообщений
2378 Сообщений
9 декабря 2007 19:33 Ответить
As it's time to start a new season so it's time to start our The Best Photo 2007 Competition!!!

All photos that were added into our gallery in 2007 participate in the competition. Please don't be lazy set your rate to the photos you like!!! This is very easy. Every photo has own rate that every user can set. It looks like:

(н/г) - no votes

- the best

To vote just click on the picture with rates for the selected photo and window with rates to select appears.


p.s. to make the election more friendly we decided to show on the main page random photo every time you load\reload the pade!
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