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07.02.2024 Tibilisi airport to New Gudauri
16 января 16:36
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I'll arrive 10:30PM at Tibilisi airport on the 7th of February. If anyone is interested to share a taxi, please leave a note. I'll be traveling alone. 

Best wishes

24 января 06:23
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Are u still there?

moto x3m

25 января 13:01
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25 января 15:35
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Please send me a whatsapp message on +972528667655

9 февраля 14:17
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Marshutka (mini van) is the cheapest way. It costs 7 GEL per person to go from Tbilisi to Gudauri and vice versa. You can find Gudauri marshutkas near the Tsereteli square on Tsereteli avenue #142. You can just ask around people there of marshutkas to Gudauri. You might want to get there day before going to Gudauri to get to know to the drivers and get their number so you can arrange a place in marshutka if you're traveling with luggage.

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