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Skiing: Kazbegi to Gudauri Commute?
12 марта 07:15
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Embarking on a ski trip to Gudauri this holiday season, a thought crossed my mind: Is booking accommodation in Kazbegi and commuting to Gudauri daily a viable, cost-effective option? Despite the potential closure of the Jvari Pass, the new Gondola from Kobi to Gudauri could offer an alternative route. While staying slopeside in Gudauri is undoubtedly convenient, is this proposed arrangement a practical means of saving money? I'm eager to hear your thoughts on whether this idea is a stroke of brilliance or merely wishful thinking.

12 марта 11:39
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Take the cost of housing in Kazbegi + daily transfer to Kobi. Compare this with the cost of housing in Gudauri. Food is cheaper in Kobi. There is more entertainment in Gudauri.

18 марта 04:46
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To me, there are some cons and pros.

Staying in Gudauri (Slopeside):
Convenience: Being slopeside means you can roll out of bed and hit the slopes directly. No need for daily commuting.
Time-Saving: More time for skiing and enjoying the snow.
Immersive Experience: You’ll be right in the heart of the ski resort, surrounded by the lively atmosphere.
Cost: Accommodations in Gudauri can be pricier due to the prime location.
Limited Exploration: You might miss out on exploring other nearby areas.
Potential Crowds: Slopeside accommodations can get crowded during peak seasons.
Booking Accommodation in Kazbegi and Commuting to Gudauri:
Cost-Effective: Accommodations in Kazbegi tend to be more affordable. You can save money by commuting daily.
Scenic Route: The drive from Kazbegi to Gudauri offers breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountains.
Alternative Routes: The new Gondola from Kobi to Gudauri provides an alternative to the Jvari Pass.
Time and Effort: Daily commuting takes time and energy.
Weather and Road Conditions: The Jvari Pass may close due to weather conditions, affecting your commute.
Early Mornings: You’ll need to wake up early to catch the first lifts in Gudauri.


22 марта 14:45
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Hey there! Kazbegi to Gudauri for lodging could be a budget win, but tricky. Jvari Pass closure is a gamble. The new Gondola is awesome, but might not be the most cost-effective daily commute. Slopeside in Gudauri is definitely comfy, but Kazbegi could save some cash.

Maybe research Kazbegi rentals with easy access to Marshrutkas (shared taxis) to Gudauri? They're cheap, but factor in travel time. Ultimately, it depends on your priorities!

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