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Snow Mobile Problem
2 марта 2012 21:57
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Hi, I was in Guduari ski resort on a few days ago. Nature, quality of the snow , pistes,
skiers and snow boarders everything was perfect.

But, unfortunately, there were idiots on the ski pistes driving snow mobiles
with God knows how many kms per hour, there were clever and responsible snow mobile
riders off the piste as well . I think everyone will agree that its very dangerous for
everyone skiing on pistes there,second it was very bad feeling to smoke exhaust on mountain.

Similar to snow mobiles many accidents happened all over the world at sea
resorts with people driving jet skis in same place with swimmers. After some unfortunate people
died, now jet skis are allowed to be driven only in defined routes and places.

I think , very very quickly, and very very easily same precautions must be done in Gudauri. Lines
must be defined for snow mobiles and driving in same place with skiers must be avoided. Hope
this easy thing can be done before anyone gets injured

Emrah Oztekin/ Ankara / Turkey
3 марта 2012 13:14
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sarsak20 :there were idiots on the ski pistes driving snow mobiles
with God knows how many kms per hour

agree with the author it's dangerous and may be a cause of accident even death.
Dear Officials of Gudauri resort

please, think about ASAP!!!!!!
8 марта 2012 16:03
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Also agree, they shouldn't be on the pistes, especially on days when it's busy like the Sundays. In Europe ( the Alps) it's unthinkable that those machines would be running up and down the pistes!
It will probably be banned when something bad happens, but then it's already to late!
9 марта 2012 17:46
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