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When 2015/2016 ski season starts?
21 сентября 2015 13:55
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Maybe somebody knows when 2015/2016 ski season starts? It is depends on weather conditions? As I heard there are snowmaking machines installed. We wanna come in Decenber 14-21, what chances resort will be open? Thank you in advance.

21 сентября 2015 18:47
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21 сентября 2015 18:47 Ответить

Only from weather conditions...
14-21? It is unlikely. Now it is impossible to tell with confidence.

24 сентября 2015 07:22
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24 сентября 2015 07:22 Ответить

We traveled there last season at the same time 16th till the 23rd and got 3 days on the slopes.  As the season only started on the 20th. We had a great time so we went back at the end of April for the close of the season and just enough snow. What a great place. 

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